A 34-year-old sailor has gone to $ 3,700 in fines after he crashed his 50-foot-long World War II-boat in a cargo ship. The accident occurred as a result of that he left the compass at home and taken with an iPad instead, writes Cult of Mac.

When the wifi connection defaulted happened to the man steer his ship Peggotty straight into the vessel Humber Estuary in the scrubby, foggy weather . With him was a passenger, and both were rescued in a lifeboat.

According to the report, did not realize the captain of the larger vessel to an incident even occurred. Humber Estuary is namely 1400 times greater than Peggotty and was on the road with a load of Gothenburg.

No person was injured in the collision, but it's a good reminder of how good the technology is, hit it does not always proven old methods dedicated compasses.