In Mac OS, you should be able to get up a context menu for emoji and special characters. It must always be available if you select Edit via the menu bar and then Emoji and symbols .

There are, however, bug in Safari that allows the menu is not there, which can be annoying if you need quick access to symbols such as "©" and "™". Then you need to perform a quick trick to get it back.

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<h3> quit Safari </h3>
<p> First, quit Safari. Then, open the Finder and select <em> <strong> Go </strong> </em> in the menu bar. then select <em> <strong> Go </strong> </em>or press the Command, Shift, and G. in the pop-up box that appears, type the following line of text. It's very important that it is verbatim: </p>
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~ / Library / Preferences /

Throw the corrupt file

Now you will sluices to the Preferences folder of the logged on user . Here you should search the file named . It is this file that we need to get rid of, and therefore should be moved to the trash.

ready emoji again

When you put it in the trash, start up Safari again. Go to the Edit menu and then Emoji and symbols . Now you should see the menu of special characters, and it will "float" of each application you use.