Wireless charging is one of the hottest rumors before the iPhone 8. Android camp has had the technology long time – and you can, if you want to get wireless charging is already now on the iPhone. There is no official solution without requiring third-party accessories, but it works on the iPhone 5 and onwards.

What is wireless charging?

Before we go further, we will explain what wireless charging is. The name of the technique can be a bit misleading as it is not completely wireless, but your phone need to be on a laddplatta. This is called inductive charging, and uses a type of coils to transfer power to the phone. The advantage is that you do not have to fumble with cables and can be short, put down the phone on its charging spot. The plate that charges the phone is not wireless – it needs to be plugged into a wall socket to operate.

Iphone standard version does not support wireless charging. However, many manufacturers have developed special scale or receiver that allows it and we provide tips on a couple of favorites.

IQI Mobile

Those who are not particularly eager to dress her phone in an unwieldy scale can take a look at IQI Mobile – a 0.5 millimeter thick receiver that is attached between your current shell and Iphone. The advantage is that the accessory is compatible with every Lightning-equipped device all the way back to the iPhone 5.

The receiver comes with a super-slim lightning cable pulling along the back of the phone, and then plug in the bottom where it is permanently stuck. Important to remember is that it takes advantage of Qi format. Please be aware that laddplattan buying support just that.

The downside is that we found a Swedish dealer. However, there are on the US Amazon.