US Patent Office has published a new patent application from Apple on a "connectionless magnetic charger / winch". It's about providing the Apple Watch or a similar product with a mechanism to manually "pull up" the watch and charge the battery.

Apple shows various mounting devices, including one where the crown (or another screw) can be rotated which rotates a magnet which in turn gets second magnet does not have any physical contact with the outside to rotate. The magnet then charges the battery via induction.

In another variant, at what is in principle a mechanical gauge with a spring that is screwed up and then operates one or more gears that screws a magnet which in turn loads battery.

the application builds on an earlier patent which was awarded to Apple already 2014 a similar technique. That does not mean that it will actually show up in the Apple Watch, but Apple is still developing the technology suggest that now at least consider it.