Like Apple Music-users it is easy to feel left out. Most use after all, Spotify, and that Apple's service may rarely be involved and change playlists. Until now at least.

A new iOS app wants namely the one the two and create love between Apple Music and Spotify to bring music sharing to new heights. The app is called Vertigo and works with Spotify as well as Apple's service and makes the playlists and music can be shared between the two. Obviously, it needs music sharing is on both platforms, but it is more the rule than the exception that it is actually so.

"Nobody wants to have to choose between Apple Music friends or Spotify friends when it comes to sharing and listening to the universal language of music together," said Vertigo's CEO and co-founder Greg Leekley in a statement.

the only question is how long it takes before either Apple or Spotify sours to the initiative. Whoever lives will see.

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