Last year was one of the proposals on Apple's AGM to introduce a new equality plan for the management team and the board. The board opposed, and the proposal was voted down.

The proposal came from Tony Maldonado and a small group of investors, and this year they are back with support from Zevin Asset Management, a firm specializing in ethical investment.

Apple's board wrote in a response to the proposal that has been submitted to the US financial authorities SEC that it is unnecessary because Apple already has an ongoing commitment to equality and has demonstrated its commitment clear.

Apple suggests that hiring more women and minorities than among existing employees and believes that the company is already headed in the right direction.

What Maldonado and Zevin mean is that gender equality is skewed and mainly focused the shop staff, with more and more white men higher up in the company you are looking. The Board consists of five white men, a black man and two women (one white and one Asian).

It is better than many other listed companies, but the management team looks worse. Of the 18 directors are 15 white men.