Motherboard reports that Apple subjected to extortion by one or more hackers calling itself the "Turkish Crime Family."

group (if there is one group) claims to have access to hundreds of millions of icloud accounts and threatens to empty the accounts for content and remotely wipe devices that are connected to the Find My iPhone, if the company does not pay a ransom. Apple has to 7 April in itself.

The hackers have shared screenshots of the e-mail exchange with Apple's security team, including (if mail is genuine) asking hackers to remove a YouTube video where they log on hacked accounts.

How big ransom hackers want to have? You're probably thinking many millions, but the fact is that they have requested 75,000 dollars in Bitcoin or Ethereum, or 100,000 dollars iTunes gift card.

Commenting on the Fortune Apple claims that none of the company's system was compromised. Whether the hackers actually sitting on all these icloud accounts or not is still unclear – but if so, this is not due to be succeeded Norpa access to information directly from Apple. Rather, it can move about a change from previous attacks on third-party services.