iPhone is today almost as fast as the MacBook. So how would it work if it was possible to connect to an "empty" Macbook that is only keyboard and a bigger screen?

It envisions a new Apple patent application which has been registered with the US Patent Office USPTO. The patent talks about a "thin" accessory that has all the hardware in a traditional laptop – the screen, physical keyboard, video, contacts and so on – but requires a host to function. Values ​​in this case is an iPhone or iPad that acts as processor.

Outwardly imagines Apple a Macbook-like product, where aluminum and even mentioned as the ideal material for the housing.

In one of the possible variants like Apple shows an iPhone can be connected where trackpad sits on the Macbook, and both provide the "computer" in the brain and act itself as trackpad. In other variants are connected wirelessly values.

The probability that Apple actually build this kind of creation should probably counts as pretty low.