Now IOS 10.3 version released in sharp after prolonged beta testing. The update includes the ability to find Airpods using Find My iPhone and more ways to use Siri with apps for payment, push services, and apps from car manufacturers.

The following news highlighted in the accompanying documentation:

Find my iPhone

  • See where your Airpods are currently or were last registered.
  • Play sound on one or both Airpods so you can easily find them.


  • Support for pay and check the status of bills with the help of betalningsappar.
  • Support for scheduling push services.
  • Support to check the fuel level, lock status, turn on the lights and use the horn with apps from car manufacturers.
  • Cricket Results and statistics from the Indian Premier League and the International Cricket Council.


  • Shortcuts in the status bar so that you have easy access to recently used apps.
  • On the Now Playing screen of the Apple Music gives you access to the next and albums for the song currently playing.
  • Playlists cured daily and new music categories in the Apple Music.

Other improvements and corrections

  • Rent a movie from iTunes once and see it on any of your devices.
  • New comprehensive overview of the settings for your Apple ID account information, settings and devices.
  • Hourly weather in Maps if you use 3D touch on the current temperature displayed.
  • Support to search for "parked car" in Maps.
  • Now you can delete an unwanted invitation in Calendar and report it as spam.
  • Home app has support for activating scenarios with the help of accessories with sliders and buttons.
  • Home app supports battery in the accessory.
  • Podcasts supports 3D Touch and Today widget so that you get access to podcasts that have been updated recently.
  • Podcast Program and sections can be shared via messaging with full support for playback.
  • Corrects an issue that could prevent your current location displayed in Maps after a reset of privacy.
  • Stability improvements in VoiceOver for Phone, Safari and Mail.

As usual, be sure to take backup before installing the update.