Apple has released a new version of MainStage, the program for musicians who want to use their Mac to the stage.

This is the news in MainStage 3.3:

  • new modern interface.
  • Support for Touch Bar on Macbook Pro provides access to handy shortcuts through the sets of customizable keyboard shortcuts.
  • Play Software Instruments using Touch Bar on a keyboard with piano keys or skin.
  • Resolve drum pads with Touch Bar while controlling funding and tonupprepning.
  • Genuine stereo panning provides greater control and manipulation of the separate stereo signals.
  • Direct assignment of software instruments sidechain sources.
  • Bussdirigeringar displayed in the side-chain menus for plug-ins.
  • MIDI plug-ins can be used to control the creative insticksfilsparametrar.
  • New plug-Loudness Meter supports LUFS measurement.
  • Support for Logic Remote 1.3.2.

MainStage 3.3 require El Capitan (10.11) or Mac OS Sierra (10.12) and can be downloaded from the Mac App Store. Do not have the program already is the price tag of 319 crowns.