How to get started with backups in iTunes

If you do not want to save your backup in iCloud is also possible to make a local copy on your Mac or PC via iTunes. Firstly you will not have to worry about wifi when you need to restore your phone, and you do not need to buy more space in icloud. This is how you proceed:

Connect your iPhone to your computer. Then open iTunes and approve through your iPhone that the program may have access to the content available on it. To do this, select the "Trust".

When this is done, click on the phone icon located next to the drop-down menu on the left side of iTunes. Here you can choose to click on to the "Summary" through the side menu and select "My Computer" in the "Backup automatically".

Check the "Encrypt iPhone backup file" to be sure that the passwords, health and data from any Homekit gadgets are backing up. Then you choose a password for encrypted backups. If you wish, you can save your password in Keychain. Once done, click Done. An automatic backup will then start, and therefore it is imperative that you do not disconnect the phone before it is completed.

Backup iPhone to iTunes manually – so do

If you have set the backup in iTunes phone will be backed up each time you connect it to your computer. You can also manually make backup copies in case you want to make a copy while it is still connected.

To do this, just connect your iPhone to your PC or Mac. Open iTunes, click on the phone icon, then navigate further to the summary. When you are here, choose Back Up Now. Click Done when you're finished.