Sometime probably next year, or perhaps in 2019, Apple will release a brand new Mac Pro and related professionals screen. This was announced by Apple's Phil Schiller and Craig Federighi in an unusually open-hearted interview with BuzzFeed News.

The two managers admitted that now four years old "new" Mac Pro was a mistake.

– We wanted to do something daring and different. What we did not realize at the time was how we had specifically designed it to fit the vision that we later found that we had snapped us – in a circular shape, said Federighi.

Apple has a working group that is being develop both the new computer, and the complementary screen. Schiller and Federighi says the group has given free rein to take the necessary time to really get into it so it has no limitations as the current model. This means that it should be possible to upgrade it with new graphics cards and other components.

As consolation for the continued anticipation, Apple has announced that the current model will price be lowered quite considerably. The old middle model with hexa-core processor and D500 graphics card will be the new entry-level model (the same price as the old entry-level model), while for the same price as the previous cost now will get a åttakärnig processor and D700 graphics.