Although support for 32-bitsappar in IOS already started to disappear with the latest updates, it looks like Apple is on track to phase it out completely. 9to5Mac reports the fact that the IOS 11 will totally miss the support for the old format.

They refer to Steven Troughton-Smith, a renowned developer, which on Twitter wrote that the assistance will shortly be scrapped.

This means that apps coded for a 32-bit processor will no longer work in the operating system. Old apps that are not updated in a long time, therefore completely put off.

Apple has already hinted of a future abolition. With IOS 10.2.1 they introduced a warning message stating that the app threatened to slow down the device they run on. In addition, the company has since IOS 9 policy to new apps must be available in both 32-bit and 64-bit.