In January targeted Apple cannons against chip manufacturer Qualcomm and filed a series of lawsuits in the United States, Britain and China, among other violations of competition laws.

Now, Qualcomm has responded with counterclaims in California, with five main claims , reports The Verge. The most startling move Apple's handling of Qualcomm LTE chip in the iPhone 7:

– Apple chose not to use certain high-performance features of Qualcomm's chips for the iPhone 7 (which prevented consumers from taking full advantage of Qualcomm's innovations).

Apple will also "erroneously stated that there is no appreciable difference "between Qualcomm and chip rival Intel counterpart. Detached testing Iphone 7 showed that the models with Qualcomm modems appeared to be artificially limited to running at the same speed as the models with Intel modems.

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