A piece of computer history will be sold at auction in September. It's an Apple I, previously owned by Adam Schoolsky, who got it by Steve Wozniak himself.

The sale is organized by technology professor David Larsson, who in turn bought it by Adam Schoolsky in 1994 for 35,000. Today, the device will be worth a lot more.

Behind the reporting is Business Insider, who also writes that the auction will take place on September 12th. All revenue will come to an amateur radio organization and the sale will take place on the site Charitybuzz.

In addition to the computer itself, the buyer receives an interface card for Apple I and several documents that prove authentic. For example, a letter that Larson received from Schoolsky came in 1994. And just like other auctions where Apple was sold, neither the screen, the screen, the power cord or the keyboard comes with.