Notes in Mac OS High Sierra got a couple of new features. First, you can pin up favorite notes so that they are always in the top of the list – handy if you have hundreds of notes and have a few that you often return to.

The other news is support for tables. It's not about Notes trying to replace a spreadsheet program like Numbers, but since tables can make it much easier to keep track of some types of data, you've previously had to use just one such program – or an advanced word processor like Word – for to record even simple tables.

To add a table to High Sierra Notes, you can either press the table button in the toolbar, select Format -> Table (all-cmd- t) or ctrl / right-click and select Add table .

A new table always shows up with two columns and two lines. If you had a piece of text selected when you created the table, it moved into the cell at the top left.

To add new rows and columns, select a row or column by first clicking somewhere in it and then on the small icon with three dots left or right. Then the whole row / column is marked orange and when you hold the pointer where you see three white dots, you will also see a small arrow menu on the right (in column) or at the top (in a row). Click the small arrow or ctrl / right-click anywhere in the orange field to open a small menu where you can add a new row or column or delete the selected.

To move a row or column, select it and then cut and move it to its new location.