Last week has been a particularly bugged week for Apple, after the autocorrect bug and the very serious root bug in Mac OS High Sierra comes the next bug: Your iPhone is likely to crash as of December 2nd at 00:15. This became known on Saturday night Swedish time after reports from, among other things, Macrumors, Twitter and Reddit.

The problem is reported to be associated with repetitive or repetitive notices daily, for example, if you have a reminder appealed to remind you something every day, maybe even with repetitive notices. The notebook can get your Iphone or Ipad to crash repeatedly and forcefully. However, the bug only occurs at local notices, it does not seem to be a problem for apps whose notices are pushed from a server.

The solution? Apple completely released Sonika's next major update of IOS – IOS 11.2 – which should not be affected by the password bug.

Currently, the problem seems to just hit IOS 11.1.2. If you have not updated this version, you probably can still sit still in the boat. Otherwise, it may be possible to press Update from Settings (after the required backup).