Mac mini is not forgotten by Apple. Despite being updated by 2014, the company's Phil Schiller has established that it is an important part of their range. Therefore, a new model will be coming in next year.

In anticipation of this, Apple has chosen to make the 2011 model "obsolete". This means that your computer is no longer qualified for service and spare parts will cease to be available, at least via Apple, Apple's Pages.

Usually, Apple guarantees five years of guaranteed parts and repercussions of its products. In other words, the 2011 Mac mini got a year extra. By contrast, it will be classified as "vintage" in California and Turkey, which has other laws and guidelines.

In other words, if you own a 2011 Mac mini, it may be an idea to be a little extra careful about it. At least until the release of the new model, anytime.